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Jonas Peeck

Intrapreneur Global Community Development at Axel Springer

In just 2 hours of Flow session I was able to finish editing 10 videos which I thought would take me more than 2 days - completely blown away by what I'm capable of when I focus like that!

Florian Simmendinger

CEO and Founder of Soundbrenner

I feel like I learnt a productivity superpower. 1) I get to work on what's most important 2) and am able to do it in uninterrupted focus sessions where I can bring my best self. Thank you Antoine :)

Lena Schmitt


Brilliant! I even felt I wanted to skip the breaks, because the atmosphere was so energizing ;) Totally recommended!

 Matt S.

CEO of Goleafside

The best productivity event I've attended. I accomplished several day's worth of work in one day, and I felt relaxed and in a state of complete flow the entire time..... also met some great people!

Vishal T.

IT Consultant

I probably saved about 5hrs of work time today. At my rate this is several hundreds of euros.

Anna Clara Laugesen 

Business consultant Entrepreneur, Author

Attending the Productivity Day transformed the way I work and increased my productivity to a level I didn't know was possible. I always felt like I was productive, but the structure and approach that Antoine uses has taught me invaluable and actionable things about how to get myself into focus.

Kalin Harvey


A revelation! The format combines so many of the best proven productivity factors, it's almost impossible to not have an amazing day.

Romy Jaster

Consultant & researcher

Throughout my PhD I was constantly struggling with procrastination. Then I discovered Productivity Day and found out that academic writing can actually be done in a flow. In terms of work and productivity, those were the best workdays of my life. No exaggeration. 

Alexandra V.

Entrepreneur & Business designer

Thank you for helping me reconnect with my flow. I had some major emotional challenges this year together with a more complex working schedule and this kinda left me drained. Your seminar helped me re-focus, re-vision, re-align with my goal-setting and actually feel the flow. I am very grateful and think it can be an added value for anyone, since the principles can be used on very different contexts and goals, not only professional.


Decision making researcher, Statistical advisor

At the end of the day not only did I finish more work than I had planned to do, I was also reenergized and ready to start the weekend with a clear mind. In the 21st century world of work, I believe flow is the number 1 commodity individuals and companies should invest their time and money in. Highly recommended.


Managing Director

Although I am seen as quite the productive person in the teams that I work with, attending Antoine’s Trainings and Boostcamps ups my productivity game every time. Highly recommended to all brain workers, professionals and entrepreneurs! 

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