“Take the time to train your mind.”

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba

We hosts a series of events including  four-week programs, one day trainings, and nature retreats 

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Four Week Program

Flow and Productivity Program

Do you want to learn the precious art of mental Flowstates, for exceptional focus, effortless productivity and creativity?

Four Weeks 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Anywhere in Europe


The Training Program

High performance, deep focus and Flowstates are a matter of training. We all need repetition and support to build skills and habits.

The team will practice one Flow-work day per week for 4 to 6 weeks. At the core of each day, is a unique experience of higher-focus and Flowstate. 

Each day starts with a 3.5 hour hands-on training workshop

The afternoon 4hrs are flow-work sessions. Each participants gets to enter a state of deep focus, to make progress on the work that produces the most impact for their role in the company.

We practice movement, stretching, meditation to stay energized during and after the workday, and train employees to routinely take care of their energy levels.

What to Expect


Participants report achieving between 1.5x to 5x more work than usual - yet using less effort. 

Participants catch up on late work and regain control over their workload and end the day feeling energized.

Each day will typically save 0.5 to 2 day’s worth of salary for the team.


Team members develop a mindset of effectiveness.

Form new high-performance habits that will change energy levels, productivity skills and engagement at work. 

Employees are more likely to develop a culture of focus in the workplace.

Benefits of the Program


Decreases stress levels, which leads to more happiness during work.

Make work less effortful and more fulfilling.

Save hours of work each day.

Team members get encouraged to reinforce each other’s new skills in the workplace.


Increases deep focus and motivation.

Less working overload and less working late.

Less distractibility and procrastination, decreasing time on computer.

Increases wellbeing and mindfulness, which leads to more creativity at work and mental clarity.

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