Our Purpose

Our mission is to train knowledge workers to improve their productivity, creativity & wellbeing.

Flow Working is a system, method and movement. It operates at two levels:

  • in companies, it develops an employee culture of focus, purpose and mental health.

  • as individuals, it trains us to produce our best work with less effort and in less time.

Flow Working is our attempt to making the world a better place by transforming the way we feel and focus at work.

Flow Working values

Rewire the brain - All deep, sustainable transformation, including productivity, stems from training the mind at a deep level. Trying to improve effectiveness by books, using apps or hacks tend to yield only low or transient benefits.

Concentration & Flowstate - These skills are at the root of effectiveness & wellbeing.

Connectedness - We focus better together. We feel and evolve best as humans when we form clusters of like-hearted.

Healthy Productivity - Productivity is not necessarily about getting more stuff done. It is primarily about doing our work with less effort. It's up to you what you do with the time & energy you re-gain.

Healthy working - We integrate habits for energy, physical health and connectedness - even online. We practice habits that keep us energized during the workday, and beyond.

The larger vision

I believe our world needs in priority a movement of scaling consciousness.

I believe the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals are not enough. They focus primarily on improving systems and structures (the outer world). They are missing a key area: changing our brains/mind (inner world) - at scale.

In the same way, focusing on technology to try and fix climate change, is focusing on the symptoms but not the cause.  Avoiding climate change requires shifting mindsets & consciousness of 7.5 billion brains.

Luckily the tipping point is a bit closer, estimated to be at ~11% of the population.

That is why Flow Working cultivates deep concentration, purpose and inner healing,
three key ingredients of mind that are the root of deepening our consciousness as humans.

My personal vision is to help change our distracted world into a focused, more conscious world. 

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