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Improving our Focus & Productivity skills is not necessarily about getting more work done.  Deep Productivity is the ability to do our work with less effort, in less time, while keeping the wider purpose in mind and enjoying a sense of meaning. It is a superskillset.


I am on a personal mission to transform the way we focus at work, and enable more connectedness and consciousness in our world.  So far I have led more than 200 Productivity days and retreats.

I have spent over four years designing events where humans produce their best results. In that time I have noticed a trend: we can accomplish far more than we think in a short period of time if we practice the art of Flowstates - above average, yet nearly effortless concentration - in which our brain operates at its optimal.

Background: I previously worked as a consultant in multinational engineering companies, in research & academia, in startups & a venture capital firm - in Australia, US and Europe. I have been fortunate to train in consciousness practices from senior masters.

I turned around a personal life-phase of low effectiveness and procrastination by developing a unique method to enter Flowstates – and I have since been on a mission, so far sharing it with hundreds.

1:1 Coaching

I help professionals at all levels, business leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, researchers, engineers, lawyers, creatives with

Deepening your sense of Purpose
Re-connection to deeper self
Clarifying when there are several options

Sustaining energy all day, everyday
Concentration, Flowstates & high performance skills
Regaining mental clarity

Strengthening concentration skills
Beating procrastination, perfectionism, distractions
Practicing emotional management

Deep Inner healing
Trauma sensitive coaching
Self esteem

Saying No and setting boundaries
Establishing habits and energizing routines

Dealing with unsatisfaction of the job
Re-establishing a work-life balance
Re-focusing on the important when life is too busy

Dealing with too much to do, too many options
Feeling and working better in the office with others
Getting and staying organized

We will typically have 3-7 sessions together over 3-12 weeks.
I will also point you to resources & people that support your process as we go.
Get in touch so we can have our first (free) chat and see if we fit.

by video call, or face to face in Berlin

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