​About Effectiveness training

Mastering focus & effectiveness is a key skill to improving the quality of our everyday life, our psychological and physical health. We learn to eliminate causes of stress, to have more time and energy, experience deeper motivation and purpose, make progress on what matters most with a sense of ease, enjoyment and meaningfulness.

You will be guided step by step through a mindful process
to build your skills for easier, more satisfying workdays. 

​Concentration skills & meaningfulness

As human beings, after our ability to create and sustain loving relationships, few things contribute as much to living a deep, fulfilling life as the ability to make progress on what is most meaningful to us. That's effectiveness.
At the ​heart of being effective is the ability of the mind to concentrate. Train your mind for concentration and you will surprise yourself at​ the magic that opens up.
Many people never train their concentration skills.​
It's not even hard to do.
Concentration skills reinforce themselves and last for life.
​The world right now, more than ever, needs people who can focus to make ​shifts happen.

Why personal effectiveness training changes lives

Personal Effectiveness is about getting things done that matter, with a sense of meaningfulness and pleasure - as opposed to pressure, or stress. The purpose of productivity is to make purposeful progress, with ease. Ultimately it is about living a better life, freeing up our time, increasing mental and physiological health and opening new possibilities.
We organize these trainings because we believe effectiveness is one of the most life improving skill one can develop.

Effectiveness training has one of the highest ROI of any skill set. People who train their effectiveness skills by

  • +10%: Regain 5 weeks per year,
  • +30%: Regain 14 weeks per year,

Most of us have a potential for doubling or tripling (+100 to +200%) our effectiveness levels.

These skills tend to stay for life. 

Can you afford not to train yourself and your team?


Flowstates and why they are a superpower

Flowstates are super-power: our brain’s creativity increases by 2x, productivity by 5x, while feeling calm and relaxed (McKinsey research on executives). Even if you already are a high achiever.

Flowstates are not only about our deepest focusbut they are also our optimal state of wellbeing and happiness. 

In Flowstates, the brain takes in more information per second and processes it more deeply.

Companies like Google are training their employees in Flowstates. We believe Flow is the number 1 factor for wellbeing and high-performance at work.


 You will undertake work on what matters with exceptional focus and clarity.


​How often do you/your team achieve a flowstate?

It is hard to be consistently focused and productive.  

Obstacles to effective and productive work increases stress levels and unhappiness in the workplace.
The brain worker is interrupted every 11 minutes. 80% of employees are not engaged with their work.  Companies lose 69% of each salary paid, due to personal ineffectiveness. 

Overbusiness, information overload, and overwhelmedness are at an all time high. Work consumes most of our mental energy.

Deep-focus has become a rare and increasingly valuable skill.

This training is for those who believe that learning to enter Flowstates is a life-changing mental ability, that anyone can master through training. 

What others are saying

“Brilliant! I even felt I wanted to skip the breaks, because the atmosphere was so energizing. Totally recommended!” – Lena Schmitt, Entrepreneur

"Attending Productivity Day transformed the way I work and increased my productivity to a level I didn't know was possible. I always felt like I was productive, but the structure and approach that Antoine uses has taught me invaluable and actionable things about how to get myself to focus." – Anna Clara Laugesen, Business consultant, Author

“Simply great! Antoine put pieces together in my head I have been reading about flow and meditation in the last years. Additionally I gained many new insights. All together in a practical method and approach!“ – Ferdinand Linke, Design Thinking coach

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