3 Super-Workdays
to deepen your practice of Flow-Working

while working on your professional tasks & projects

Effectiveness is not just something to be good at, it is a skill worth continuously improving.

No other skillset has more impact on the time and energy that we have available.

When we re-wire our brains to be just 10% more effective, we save 45min per workday, or 4.5 weeks per year. 

And most of us have enough room to increase our capacity by 50% or more (4 months/yr regained)

In this Level 2 we will deepen our practice.

  • How to free our mind and experience sustained mental clarity (arguably one of the most important skill a human being can learn)
  • Deep inner (healing) work
  • How to stay organized
  • How to manage our energy
  • High performance & consciousness practices
  • Cultivating positive qualities of mind
  • Deepening our Focus skills
  • Refining our Vision
  • Group processes

We'll reinforce some of the skills of Level 1, stabilize our habits, and explore new areas and shared experiences arising in our group. 

Compared to Level 1
Day 4 will follow the format you know (3.5hrs morning workshop)
Day 5 & 6 will have shorter workshops of 2~2.5hrs. We start Flow-Working in the morning.

Invest only 3 days now, to save hundreds over the rest of your life.

Flow-Working Program Level 2

3 workdays over 3 weeks
No need to take time off work.

Day 1: Fri 13 Nov
Day 2: Fri 20 Nov
Day 3: Fri 27 Nov
9h00 to 17h30

Online (Zoom)

Transforming the way we work

When we make ourselves better, we make the world a better place

The goal of this program is to create lasting transformations in the way we focus and feel at work. Transformations rarely happen in 1 day. Our brains need repetition and practice to integrate new skills & habits. That's why this program is over 3 days, for long term results.

Companies where Flow-Working is spreading

Contact us for any questions

TRAINING SIZE: 5 min-10 max. Don't wait to sign up

If you have any questions about the training session, are interested in team training sessions, or want to organize this event in a different context, simply send us an email at [email protected] or call +49 174 7676 900.

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You get 10% per person your bring.
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100% Money back guarantee

If you don’t feel I’ve delivered the value promised, you may apply for a refund. Just email at [email protected]

Reserve your spot now

I reserve the right to cancel should there be less than 5 participants by October 30 ( 2 weeks before)

This bootcamp will pay for itself, if only in work-time saved, energy and mental clarity. Three workdays designed to change the way you work, for the rest of your life.

Investing in ourselves - not in stuff - is the best investment we can make.

I aim to keep the trainings affordable - but if money is a challenge, or you have any question, write to me. See you there!


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