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Flow-working is a hands-on methodology to 

get work done with exceptional FOCUS, 

based on the neuroscience of Flowstates.

“Less effort. Powerful. Energizing”

It's a new, proven concept.

For brain-workers, professionals, entrepreneurs 

freelancers, researchers, writers, creatives

Individuals, and teams up to 20

The ability to focus and be effective has never been harder  

We lose on average 145 days per year due to distractions, overload, perfectionism, demands, overwhelm, low energy, non-important tasks, and interruptions.

The average knowledge-worker is interrupted every 11 minutes. We are more busy, overwhelmed and procrastinating than ever in history. It takes us 5 workdays to do the work we can do in 1.8 days of deep work.

This obstacle to effectiveness drive stress and unhappiness in each of us.

For companies, it means cause a 69% payroll loss.

We are changing that

Here is how a Productivity Day training works

2/3 hands-on training  based on neuroscience, with exercises and discussions

1/3 deep focus time to get your own work done and apply the method

Meditation & movement

 to stay energized !

At the core of the day is an experience of higher focus and Flow

(And the fun of networking with 8-15 likeminded people)


You will learn precious skills based on the neuroscience of Flowstates for sustained performance excellence, wellbeing & energy at work.

We’ll address topics including:

the precious skill of Flow at work making work feel effortless ✔ dealing with distractions ✔ clearing the mind wellbeing & fulfillment ✔ energy & performance  perfectionism breaking our inner obstacles ✔ training the mind for deep-concentration & mindfulness ✔ zero-procrastination  dealing with task overload self-management

You will walk away with new mental models, habits & skills that will take your personal effectiveness to the next level - unless you compare yourself to Elon Musk.

Deep focus time

Bring your own work and get it done with exceptional focus. (2hrs)

You'll immediately put the training into practice by working on your very own tasks using the method. You will work with full privacy.

Two hours of effective work is about as much as what we achieve in an average 8-hr workday.  You won't have to lose a day of work.

trainings & retreats

The research: going beyond mindfulness

The new science of Flow is revolutionizing our effectiveness, focus and wellbeing at work

It's almost hard to believe. When our mind enters the precious state of Flow, we become 200% more creative and 500% more productive.  We learn 490% faster. (McKinsey study) . That's why companies like Google are already training employees for Flow.

Flow means less effort to get our work done.

"In the 21st century world of work, we believe Flow is the number 1 meta-skill individuals and companies should invest their attention in.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Antoine Larchez has led more than 130 Productivity days and retreats. He is the founder of Productivity Day.

Antoine has worked in startups & venture capital, as a consultant in multinational engineering companies, as well as in research & academia - in beautiful Australia, USA and Europe.

He believes that after 'connectedness', our effectiveness (productivity+focus on what matters) is what brings the most fulfillment in life. Effectiveness is a deeply trainable skill.

Antoine regularly practices meditation, yoga and cold showers.

See Antoine being interviewed about Productivity Day

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The best productivity event I've attended

 Matt Sedlacek 

 Founder & CEO of Vela Foods 


I accomplished several day's worth of work in one day, and I felt relaxed and in a state of complete flow the entire time..... also met some great people!"

Transformed the way I work.

 Anna Clara Laugesen 

Business consultant Entrepreneur, Author


Attending the Productivity Day transformed the way I work and increased my productivity to a level I didn't know was possible. I always felt like I was productive, but the structure and approach that Antoine uses has taught me invaluable and actionable things about how to get myself into focus.

Best workdays of my life.

Dr Romy Jaster

 Consultant & researcher 


Throughout my PhD I was constantly struggling with procrastination. Then I discovered Productivity Day and found out that academic writing can actually be done in a flow. In terms of work and productivity, those were the best workdays of my life. No exaggeration.

A revelation!

Kalin Harvey



A revelation! The format combines so many of the best proven productivity hacks, it's almost impossible to not have an amazing day. "

Training our mind for Flow

Flow is a mental state of high-performance and wellbeing. Yet most of us experience flow less than 5% of our worktime.

Developing the skill to enter Flowstates on demand will saves hours of work each day, increases our creativity, and boosts our  wellbeing and fulfillment

The magic of Flow: the act of working feels nearly effortless and stress-less. Instead of feeling tired at the end of the day, we tend to feel energized.

Participants report achieving a 150 to 500% effectiveness boost during the Productivity Day itself.

The amazing ROI of effectiveness

Effectiveness has one of the highest ROI of any skill training. 

People who train their effectiveness skills by

  • 10%: Recover 5 weeks per year,
  • 30%: Recover 14 weeks per year
  • 50%: ......

Just like learning to drive a car, learning to be more effective is a skill we get to use for the rest of our life.

 How much will it return to you in time, energy, wellbeing, and even money...over your lifetime?

What about private company information ?

What will you and your team achieve with this superpower?

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