(Without magic focus pills)

A work-boostcamp that will get you in your  

highest state of Focus & Performance

Most participants get 2-3 days of work done in just 1 day

(or you could just stay 2-3 days in your office instead)

Bring with you the work you want to get done.  Be ready to be surprised.  

80 + Boostcamps
6500 + Work-hours saved

Imagine your brain was so
that you'd get 2-3 days
worth of tasks done in 1 day.

What would you do with all the time gained?

Healthy, Happy, High-performance 

based on neuroscience.


Romy Jaster

Researcher & Consultant

Best workdays of my life.

Throughout my PhD I was constantly struggling with procrastination. Then I discovered Productivity Day and found out that academic writing can actually be done in a flow. In terms of work and productivity, those were the best workdays of my life. No exaggeration.


According to research, most people achieve only

Flow-Productivity is an experience (an amazing one). 


Without magic pills, without stress - just pure Focus.


Get 2-3x more done

Gain time   (or catch up...)

Eliminate procrastination

Boost motivation

Lower work-stress

Make more money

1 Day: 80 % Get Things Done

15% wellbeing, 5% theory

Meditation, yoga, light exercise

to keep the mind & body energized all day

Networking & fun!

  with 8-14 likeminded people

Like an escape to a secret productivity oasis...

away from distractions and interruptions.






Kalin Harvey


A revelation!

A revelation! The format combines so many of the best proven productivity hacks, it's almost impossible to not have an amazing day. "

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"The day will pay for itself. Up to several times over"

Who is this for?

Anyone who benefits from 6hrs total of deep, concentrated work.

 (That's pretty much everyone, right?)

Regular attendees include entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, researchers, engineers, writers, creatives, developers, PhD studentsIn a nutshell, any knowledge worker.

CEO's, C-levels and salespeople who want to work undistracted on strategy and important work that keeps getting put off because of calls, meetings and busywork.

We organize events for company teams. Talk to us.

Transformed the way I work.

Attending the Productivity Day transformed the way I work and increased my productivity to a level I didn't know was possible. I always felt like I was productive, but the structure and approach that Antoine uses has taught me invaluable and actionable things about how to get myself into focus.
Anna Clara Laugesen,

Entrepreneur, Author, Business consultant


Personal Productivity has a huge impact on our happiness, at work and in life.

And vice versa.

Personal Productivity is the skill of getting things done that bring us closer to our goals, with the least amount of stress, while enjoying a sense of meaning and motivation about the process.

Learning Productivity Skills is like learning to drive a car or learning a new language.

The difference? 

Personal Productivity is the mother of all skills. It is the one skill we depend on the most to learn, create and move forward in life.

Why don't we learn it at school? Good question. That's where we come in.

The power of working away from distractions

As human beings, we all get caught into distractions and our own brain's excuses.

The idea of Productivity Day is to dedicate a day per week to do deep focused work.  No meeting, no calls and the best of the science of productivity.

Can't I do this by myself, at home? Productivity Day creates a structure and conditions for the brain to focus that simply never happen in an office, home, co-working space, library or anywhere else for that matter. Humans focus significantly better in synchronized group.

In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport makes a compelling case for the practice of deep, focused work away from distractions.  Something only the most productive (and often most relaxed) people seem to practice  - including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the late Carl Jung.

How does it work?

You don't get stronger by reading about weightlifting.   You simply go and do it.

Yes, this is a workday, not a lecture!

During a Productivity Day team members will each be taking their own work into an environment carefully designed for healthy, ultra-productivity. You will:

    • learn and practice getting-things-done with both focus and pleasure, an art and a science seldom taught.
    • exercise, stretch, do mindfulness meditation to be at your best, all day
    • train the brain to automatically work in Flow mode, the precious mental state in which we, humans, do our best work

Dr. Antoine Larchez has been working in Startups / Venture capital, as a consultant in the engineering industry as well as in research/Academia, across Australia and Europe.
He has helped hundreds be naturally more focused and have more fun with work using neuroscience.

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