We are looking for a room to run 1-day Flow-working Boostcamps, every two weeks or even every week.
We have been running them for 3 years now and the place we have been using suddenly doubled in price. 

The boostcamp concept

At the core of a Boostcamp is an experience of getting our own work done with exceptional focus, and a sense of effortlessness.

The method is based on the neuroscience of Flowstates, our optimal state of performance and happiness. 
Some call Flowstates a super-power. Is it a non-ordinary state of consciousness, that we can all learn to enter with practice.

People bring their laptop and work for a day (9am-6pm). It is open to anyone. Most attendees are brain-workers, entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers. Most participate regularly. Up to 18 people.

To stay energized, we also include a total of 30 min of exercise, meditation, stretching. 

Most people achieve 2-3x more work than at their regular workplace. Most people finish the day less tired than usual, or even energized!

More importantly, the regular practice of the boostcamps trains our mind to:
  1. enter into deeper state of Focus and ultimately Flowstates.
  2. to develop a number of effectiveness habits which transfer to everyday life. \

Why ?

These skills impact countless aspects of our everyday life, especially general well-being, mental clarity, personal growth, achievements, amount of free time, freedom, etc..

The movement

Our community has 800ppl on Meetup.com. The boostcamps are the core events of the community.

I also run professional trainings in which people learn and experience the Flow-Working method in details. Some events are for company teams and other are open to individuals.

The boostcamps are also ideal practice days following a professional training. There is no theory given in the boostcamps. 

Flow-working is a new form of workday, and a movement around working and living a focused life.

It is my mission to make it grow. 

The room

The room we are looking for should have desks for 16-18ppl and some extra space to move around. 50-100m2.   
The tables would be in a U-shape, or conference-room setup.
Wifi. Access to tea/ coffee.

The finances

The boostcamps is not a commercial endeavour as such, but something we do as a community. 

We charge 23~29eur per day/p.p. so that people can attend regularly. Which means that to be able to cover the other expenses we are aiming for a room around 100~150eur incl. MwSt.

We are open to creative ideas and arrangement and other ways in which we can add value. For example, advertise to our community. Your employees can join the Boostcamp. The group can buy food from your cafe, etc. I can run a discounted/ free professional training. 
Our vision is to grow the concept and build up communities of productive, growth-minded people around Berlin, Germany and beyond.

Thank you for your support in making our vision happen.

Let me know your thoughts.

I would be happy to talk on the phone 0174 7676 900 

Looking forward to having some impact together,


Effortless, High-Focus Workdays