I believe ​our world needs more focus, purpose and togetherness.

3 ingredients ​that are the root of improving our ​consciousness

My way to contribute is through transformative boostcamp where ​we get to do ​our daily work, while training the mind for deeper consciousness. Improved creativity and productivity, truth be told, are just side effects of a more conscious mind.

I want to become the 'yoga' of work. The core practice that makes work feel easier. 

There are a few spots left - please share with anyone you think would benefit. 

Apps can only go so far. Techniques like mindfulness are helping but missing the larger picture.

The fine art and neuroscience of high-focus, effortless workdays
to build team cultures of focus & well-being.
The fine art and neuroscience of non-ordinary consciousness.

We are driving a movement to transform 100 companies from the inside in 2 years.

> train the mind
> towards deep consciousness

Our values

Cluster - We focus better together
Consciousness - the ​root change the world needs is a consciousness​ & awareness shift
Impact - we optimize for positive impact

​Request a call

​to ask ​​about a training or a talk, a coaching session, or ​to meet up for tea!

Who is it for

​​Knowledge-workers, professionals, entrepreneurs

Freelancers, researchers, writers and creatives

Companies and organizations have already trained their teams in Flow-working


And all across the world



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