Conscious Leaders Mastermind

Getting together to progress on our own purpose, and deeply connect.

You are looking for a group of likeminded to support your natural growth and keep you on track with your purpose, to get clarity on your challenges, at the day-to-day and strategic level.

You enjoy giving support to others.

You are:
Conscious Leader or Conscious Entrepreneur. You are currently leading a community, building a business or have relevant experience.
Age 30+

We meet every 2 weeks.
The date will be decided with the group: likely 7pm to ~9pm on Monday, to build momentum for the rest of the week.

We will have our first meeting in early September 2020.

Our Focus
We will focus primarily on helping each other with solving our challenges, develop our positive impact, and with anything that helps us operate at our best. This means all topics are welcome, like self-management, health, relationships, private life.

 More about masterminds here.

We meet as a group of 3 minimum to 7 people maximum. 

Either on Zoom or physically in a park, or someone's home in Berlin.

Giving it priority
Being part of a mastermind takes a high priority in our schedule, over family events, business meetings. It's not like a yoga class that we attend when it fits our schedule.

That's because Masterminds are about keeping up focused on our high level purpose.
There's always going to be meetings, events and busy-ness popping up in our life. So a Mastermind take a meta role in our life and should be treated like a meeting with a very important person.

It's a time to take some space and reflect - so if your life is a constant rushing around this may not be for you.

70% attendance is required. It is okay not to attend because of holidays, and reasonable reasons. When someone repeatedly missess the Masterminds sessions, the group will have to make a decision about excluding this person.

How does the group develop?
We will initiate the mastermind in 'open' mode for the first weeks or months, and progressively tigthen the core group.

Once the core group is tightened, potential new member will be invited to join up to 3 meetings, until we mutually agree for the new member to be integrated in the group.

Other activities
We shall organize occasional trips in nature, like walks and weekend retreats away from the city.
We may exchange workshops with each other.


This mastermind is not connected to it's just the easiest place for me to host the page :)

How do I join ?
Submit your profile here

What make you want to join?

Full name
Phone number

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Your community / business / relevant page

What do you want out of the mastermind?

What can you bring to the group? What is your superpower?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
If you are selected, we'll get on a 10-20min call to see if we are a fit.

Mastermind are one of the most powerful way to create mental clarity, accountability, support and experiencing meaningful connections and purpose in our life.

Be the change.


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