​Meditation recordings

​Remember that investing 10min in training our mind for concentration can save several times that amount of time in our day.
And make the day unfold with ease.

1. When to do it?

- In the morning, before the mind starts getting cluttered up with information, emails, phones, thoughts.
However, doing it straight out of bed may not be ideal for those of us who wake up with a not-so-sharp, or foggy mind.
In which case it helps to first wake the mind up, in a healthy way, doing movement, stretching, (cold) shower, breathwork, dancing, etc.
The state of mind in which we start the day informs how our day unfolds.

- Meditating in the evening also helps clear the mind, and in my experience, tends to shorten the time necessary for sleep.
It helps wake up with a less foggy, clearer mind.

- At any time of the day, especially when you notice your mind getting overloaded, fuzzy or buzzy, tired.
Those 10min of quieting the mind will make the rest of the day much easier, rather than a painful drag we need to push through.

Concentration meditation can be done ​at home, in the U-Bahn, at the office, in nature... ​Practicing even when there are people or sounds around is a good practice to make ​our mind even more robust to distractions.

2. If you find it hard
to find these 10 meditation minutes in your day, take a note of the excuses that your mind comes up with - and/or the kind of busyness which controls your life. There is something valuable to learn in this!

3. Enjoy the brain rewiring process.
Concentration training is a gift we make to our mind,
hence to ourselves, to live an easier, happier life.
As a results it is a gift to all the people we interact with in our day.

​The more we practice, the easier it gets.

Don't give up when the first challenges show up.
And the results will soon be felt. 

More than ever the world needs people who can focus.

Meditating becomes increasingly pleasurable.
It's taking our mind on a trip into peacefulness and alertness.

4. How can you make this a habit in your personal life?
Some suggestions:
​​Put the mp3 in your phone or wherever you will easily ​access it.  
Add a notification in your calendar ​to help you start this meditating habit.
Talk to people about concentration skills and by doing so reinforce ​your own motivation.
​Remind yourself why you are meditating, and in which way ​it transforms you for the better

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