Less effort. Powerful.     Energizing.”

Flow-working is a hand-on methodology to get work done with exceptional FOCUS, based on the neuroscience of Flowstates.

What is Flow-working?

Flow-working™ is a new method of effectiveness training designed to create hyper-focused, almost effortless work days.

The ability to focus and be effective has never been harder. We're all pulled by incessant demands, unimportant tasks, and disturbances of our time and energy. Distractions, perfectionism, and information overload amount to around 145 work days lost each year.

Even if we think we are focused and performance-driven, few of us operate at our highest potential. Flow-working training is designed to teach skills that improve focus, performance and overall health and wellbeing – no matter the starting point.

Get things done with less effort

Based on a neuroscientific approach, Flow-working™ training teaches you to tap into a state that enables you to get things done with less effort


Participants report achieving between 1.5x to 5x more work than usual - yet using less effort. 

Participants catch up on late work and regain control over their workload and end the day feeling energized.

Each day will typically save 0.5 to 2 day’s worth of salary for the team.


Team members develop a mindset of effectiveness.

Form new high-performance habits that will change energy levels, productivity skills and engagement at work. 

Employees are more likely to develop a culture of focus in the workplace.

What are Flowstates?

Flow is a mental state of high-performance and wellbeing, yet most of us experience it less than 5% of our work time.

Developing the skill to enter Flowstates on demand saves hours of work each day, increases our creativity, and boosts our wellbeing and fulfillment.

Flowstates are not only about deeper focus & high-effectiveness, but also about entering our optimal state of wellbeing and happiness.

By tapping into a Flowstate, the act of working feels nearly effortless: instead of feeling tired at the end of the day, we tend to feel energized.

The Research

Going beyond mindfulness

The neuroscience of Flowstates is revolutionizing our effectiveness, focus, and wellbeing at work. Effectiveness training has one of the highest ROI of any skill sets.

People who train their effectiveness skills by

10% - Recover 5 weeks per year

30% - Recover 14 weeks per year

What’s more, most of us aren’t close to reaching our peak performance state, with a potential for doubling or tripling our effectiveness levels.

According to the McKinsey study, when our mind enters the precious state of Flow we get


more creative


more productive


faster learning

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