24 - 27 May 2018

An energizing retreat to get immersed in your most valuable projects, 
away from distractions and interruptions, while you learn & train
 the life-changing art of getting work done in the magical state of Flow.

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  • Day 1 Thursday
  • Day 2 Friday
  • Day 3 Saturday
  • Day 4 Sunday

(08:00 optional yoga)

08:45: breakfast

09:30: Training workshop : Building advanced habits for high-effectiveness

10:30: Deep Work time

13:00: end of the retreat - Feel free to stay longer and enjoy the outdoors!

The breaks will include meditation, stretching and fitness. 

Deep work time:  work on your own tasks, or on further developing your personal productivity systems

“Whether we want to create more free time, build our dreams, create a change in the world, our level of effectiveness is what defines our ability to make things happen.”

“A keystone to happiness is progress. Progress comes from effectiveness. And effectiveness is a trainable set of skills. Therefore so is happiness.”

In this retreat we’ll learn and practice the secret of high-effectiveness:

Flow, our optimal state of happiness & productivity. Flow is an enhanced state of consciousness in which we feel at our best and become 2 to 5 times (McKinsey report) more creative & producti​​​​ve than ordinarily. Getting into Flow is not magic, but a matter of training the mind.

On this retreat you will get a chance to slow down and rise above the incessant distractions and demands from the external world, in order to focus on what is most meaningful to you.  Give us 4 days of your attention and we will show you how to stay focused and highly effective for life.


The retreat is a mix of workshops and work-time.

  • envira
    75 % get your own work done
  • envira
    25% workshop on the art of Focus, Flow and Effectiveness

100% energizing, in a relaxed and open atmosphere - in a beautiful & inspiring location


Get deep and focused into the work that matters to you: whether it is doing your professional work, starting or finishing your book/ website, doing self-development & reorganizing your life, getting rid of accumulated tasks to remove weight from your shoulders... whatever is important and meaningful to you towards your goals & dreams.

Learn how to set your mind up for Flow to produce your best work, save large chunks of time, and make faster progress.

Learn how to save mental energy while working, overcome resistance and instead work with a sense of purpose and joy.

Learn how to best to structure your work & organize yourself. You’ll be (re-)designing effectiveness systems that best fit your life and preferences.

Design your own new habit-set to feel at your effective best for the rest of your life.

Whatever you want to make happen - move forward with your work or dreams, or eliminate old tasks and simplify your life - this retreat will give you the tools and train you to use them. 


You will meet other open-minded professionals, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers,

freelancers, writers, digital nomads, etc.  Do this with your team as team building experience!

Is this right for you? 

  • You are open to upgrading your habits and mental models
  • You enjoy focusing on what matters 
  • You value 'effectiveness' as a tool for getting results and creating freedom in life


We have run more than 100 boostcamps and retreats.

 Matt S.

 Entrepreneur & CEO 


“The best productivity event I've attended. I accomplished several day's worth of work in one day, and I felt relaxed and in a state of complete flow the entire time..... also met some great people!”

Alexandra V.


& Business designer


“Thank you for helping me reconnect with my flow. I had some major emotional challenges this year together with a more complex working schedule and this kinda left me drained. Your seminar helped me re-focus, re-vision, re-align with my goal-setting and actually feel the flow. I am very grateful and think it can be an added value for anyone, since the principles can be used on very different contexts and goals, not only professional.”

Vishal T.

IT consultant


“I probably saved about 5hrs of work time today. At my rate this is several hundreds of euros.”

Check out more testimonials here


Dr. Antoine Larchez has led more than 100 Productivity days and retreats. He is the founder of Productivity Day.

Antoine has worked in startups & venture capital, as a consultant in multinational engineering companies, as well as in research & academia - in beautiful Australia, USA and across enriching Europe. 


We are lucky to be hosted at the beautiful Karunahaus.

An environment prime for getting new ideas and clearing the mind - Karunahaus is situated in Toggenburg surrounded by nature at the foot of the Säntis (1068 m) with a view on the Churfirsten. 

An inspiring space which is disconnected from the myriad of daily distractions, and offers many possibilities for outdoor activities. A place to connect with people, animals, nature and most importantly with yourself. 

Getting there: 90min from Zurich by car - or 2hrs by transport (we will pick you up at the bus station).

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Tony Hsieh

 CEO of Zappos 


“Notice when Flow happens and change your life to make it happen more.”


Everything will be taken care of for you so you can fully relax and focus on what matters.


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    The food is vegetarian/ no wine
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    Tea & snacks provided
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    Just bring your laptop, comfortable clothes and your favorite projects to work on!

Any questions or ideas? Email [email protected] and we’ll happily get back to you!

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