What​ is a ​mastermind?

A powerful way ​of reconnecting ​with ou​r pu​rpo​se, and deeply connecting with others

​It's happened personally to me several times that I was so energized after a ​Mastermind meeting that I could not sleep! A good problem to have.

I have seen problems ​someone carried for weeks, get solved in a few minutes.

It’s also brought me a sense of community and inner strength that I didn’t have before, even with many friends in my life. The people in our mastermind can quickly become meaningful others we know we can count on. ​

Masterminds are a powerful way to move elegantly through the challenges of our daily life, and to reconnect to our sense of purpose, while connecting with each other.

​Masterminds are a place to grow. They are a transforming way of connecting to each other.

It's a safe space where all feelings are okay. It's ​even encouraged to ​show our vulnerabilities. 

Mastermind bring depth, to what would otherwise be another casual get together. 

Each of us get to give and receive​. ​

We bring up ou​r challenges that are most meaningful to us.

Mastermind are easy to set up and are scalable. I believe masterminds is something ​our world needs more than ever​ - for we need more togetherness to evolve our consciousness.

The central questions of a ​Mastermind ​are: 

  • What is taking you offtrack from your purpose?

  • What is holding you back​? 

  • What is taking space in your mind ​& heart these days? 

​How does it work?

​As a group of 3 to 7 people, we will each have a fixed time of typically 15 min, during which we share a current challenge and receive inputs from the group.

​​Our challenges can be about anything​ -​ personal, professional, relationships, health, habits, etc. The more transparent we are in sharing our challenges, the more we get out of a mastermind.

Here are some examples of what people share:

  • ​I am been wanting to ​start my own online course ​for months now. ​But it's not happening. ​
  • ​I know I need to have a ​talk to him, but I am still not doing it. Has any one got experience with that?
  • I feel I am not on-purpose these days. I keep getting distracted and procrastinating. ​​
  • ​I have ​this important meeting ​in 3 days and I have not been feeling good about it. ​
  • ​I am worried about ___. I would like to hear your thoughts on that
  • ​I feel held back by ___. What would you suggest about that?
  • ​I have been experiencing difficulties with ​my relationship / my work /...

​​When we give, we mindfully share our insights, empathy, experiences, knowledge, offer to connect to someone, offer resources and anything that serves ​the other​.

​How to run a Mastermind session

​Invite for a person to share. "​Who has a clear challenge, or who feels called to shar​e first?"

The hot seat person describes their challenge/situation in, typically, 1 to ​5 min .
The rest of the group listens with their full attention. Just pure non-reactive listening.

After ​the hot seat has described ​sufficient details, the rest of the group will ​interact by asking specific questions, by sharing insights, experiences, etc. ​​

Until the timer beeps. You then have 30 seconds to wrap up gently. 

​It's now ​the turn of the next person​.

When everyone has had their turn, you can close the session "Thank you everyone for sharing"

B​y the​ end of the ​rounds there will possibly be plenty of inspiration and energy for more conversations​! It's up to you, if you have time, to keep an open format​ and allow the free flow of interactions​.

How to start your own ​Mastermind group

  • Gather 2 to 10 people's names 
with whom you feel you would best grow.  They do not have to be friends, but simply people whose opinions you value.

  • Invite them to form a Mastermind 
with a message or a call (​see invitation message example)

  • Form a Telegram/ WhatsApp group
 with the people who say yes.

It's that easy.

Example of Invitation message 

​Dear _____ ,

I am forming a Mastermind group and I am inviting you to be part of it.

I have personally been experiencing the power of getting together to help each other with our challenges. It’s truly energizing and liberating!

We will meet every week for 1~1.5hrs on Google Hangouts and follow the structured format of mastermind. ​More info here: ​productivityday.com/masterminds/

It does require commitment because this is what brings the best results for all of us.​

​You are someone whose opinion and views I value and I would love for you to be part of it.

​If this resonates with you, we will find a day of the week that works for all of us. I would suggest initially Sunday at 6pm.

Corona is showing us that our world needs more togetherness. Mastermind groups are a wonderful and powerful way to do just that.

Looking forward !

​Timing of rounds

​Decide on the timing for each round
between 5 to 30 min per person, based on your group size and time available. Example:

  • If you have 1h15 of time and you are 7 people, that's 10min per person.
  • If you have 1h30 and 4 people, it would be 22min each.

Oftentimes the conversations go over time - so add 30 seconds of margin to close the round once the timer has elapsed.

​​After the mastermind rounds, the group can close or keep going in an open format, even with food and drinks!


​It's good to take a minute of mindfulness at the start, where we are invited to reflect on what challenges are taking the most space in our mind and heart these days.

If someone does not see a challenge in their life, they can simply describe how their life is going these days. Almost certainly the group will come up with clarifying questions, reflections and well intention challenges which will bring the person to further reflect.

​The power of ​​clusters

​Compared to 1-on-1, or relying on ourself, ​small ​clusters of people have an unusual power to make us grow and evolve. ​

For myself growing in an individualistic culture​, and relying often on just myself to go through life, ​cultivating ​intentional clusters ​has been a revelation.


People use the power of group ​under different names and intentions: success groups, support groups, grief circles, sharing circles, healing circles and more.

A few brains that are external to a challenge / emotional situation will solve it better than ​a single brain that is in the middle of it!

It's ​energizing, can be fun and can go deep! 

Just show up with an open heart. No experience is necessary.

Ask yourself: What is of high​est service? 

​​A ​mastermind ​is a mindful practice of tuning into our self to find what would best help the other.

​​​Be concise​. It's okay to use masterminds to practice ​the art of getting to the point​. ​Stay mindful to leave time for others to give their input too. Hold back from speaking ​if you do ​not have something valuable to say. It's okay to ask the group at anytime to re-center a discussion which ​has ​drifted away from what best serves the central person.

​Be the change​

We are in the middle of some serious mental health pandemics.
Loneliness pandemic: above 50% of adult feel lonely​. ​​Having friends & family and even a romantic partner is not always enough​. ​It's not the number of our connections, it is the depth ​of our connection​s that matter.  
​Purposelessness pandemic: 75% of people are languishing​​, not having a ​guiding purpose in life. 

​We've been inheriting old patterns of ​relating ​and models for living life that don't quite work.

Our world needs more connectedness and purposefulness. 
​Masterminds​ are simple and scalable​. I believe that this simple way of connecting, if it spreads, could have a​ positive​ impact on our world.

​Just imagine a a world where everyone has access to a peer-to-peer support structure like a mastermind or similar.

​Masterminds are simple, frictionless to make happen​! Even more so with online video​ conferencing, (even if only to start a group easily without having to meet in a physical place)

​Be the change you want to see in the world and create your own groups. The world needs this.

​Your friends will probably be​ grateful that you took this initiative of bringing everyone together to talk about the meaningful stuff in life​!​

Join ​a community of ​flowing minds!

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