Ready to have a (work) life-changing month of June? 
Free your mind for summer!

Flow-Working Sessions
A facilitated Deep Focus work session in a group of 5 to 15.

Three Wednesdays mornings in a row: 3, 10, 17 June
9h00- 13h00

  • Pure Flow & Productivity, no workshop.

Flow, Purpose and Productivity Bootcamp 
Three super-workdays over 3 weeks: 15, 22, 29 January
9h00- 17h30

  • Flow-Working Sprint to get your professional work done as easily as a bird soars in the sky.
  • Deep & practical course in the fine art and skill of Flow & Deep Productivity (3x 3.5hrs)

    Signing up to both events will skyrocket your progress on your work and on yourself.
    Guaranteed or refunded.

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