​Experience ​and learn a superskill

Improve your Focus at work

​Get ​​Stuff ​Done that ​Matters

Imagine being at your computer, and being so deeply immersed in your work, that you forget about everything else. You are producing your best work, while feeling a sense of easiness and fluidity. You are undistractable.

You finish the workday feeling accomplished and still fresh.

This ability is called Flow, and it is a superskill.

In this session you will be doing your professional work, while at the same time training your mind to get increasingly better at entering into Flow.

Flow-Working is a method based on neuroscience, proven over 170 trainings, to train our brains to enter Flow systematically, not just on lucky days.

After this Flow-Working session, you will have

  • Achieved more work than usual and gained hours of worktime 

  • Trained your mind deeper for exceptional focus and Flow-skills

  • Taken care of your energy and health
  • Liberated your mental space, removed stress

  • Built deeper connections with your colleagues

You do not need to take time off from work! Just keep the session free from calls, as a core intention is to work away from distractions.

Although I am seen as quite the productive person in the teams that I work with, attending Flow-Working sessions ups my productivity game every time. Highly recommended to all brain workers, professionals and entrepreneurs! - Inga, Managing Director

​For whom?

Anyone who wants to get deep focused work done on the computer, and improve focus, energy and deep productivity skills.

The session takes place online (Zoom), in a group of up to 15.
Intro, mini-workshop, 3 hours of Flow-work, group feedback.
It also includes energizing movement, meditation, networking and fun!

What do I need? 

Your laptop
Some tasks to work on

An open mind!

​Flow-Working ​Session

​No need to take time off work. ​​

​ ​4hrs

Online (​Zoom)

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