Facilitated Deep-Focus Work session

to make exceptional progress on your tasks & projects

Train your brain for Deep Focus & Flow Skills
In a motivated, friendly group

Imagine being at your computer, and being so deeply immersed in your work, that you forget about everything else. You are producing your best work, while feeling a sense of easiness and fluidity. You are undistractable.

You finish the workday feeling accomplished and still fresh.

This ability is called Flow, and it is a superskill.

During the session we will use the Flow Working method to

  • effortlessly work on our most important tasks
  • train our brain for deeper Focus, Flowstate and high performance skills
  • Practice habits of healthy working

You will surprise yourself.

About Flow-Working

Flow-Working is a novel, hands-on method, based on the neuroscience of high-performance states - proven over 200+ trainings with companies like Axel Springer, Startnext, etc.

Get stuff done & regain hours of time
Many people get 2-3x more work done and finish their workday early.
Most tend to feel energized after the sessions.

No need to take time off work! Just keep the session free from calls, as the intention is to work without distractions

Join the sessions from your (home) office

What people say

" I have not been that focused in years"
" I did all the tasks I wanted and more"
"(after the session) I have so much energy it's amazing!"

Although I am seen as quite the productive person in the teams that I work with, attending Flow-Working sessions ups my productivity game every time. Highly recommended to all brain workers, professionals and entrepreneurs! - Inga, Managing Director

Who is it for?

Professionals at all levels


The session takes place online (Zoom), in a group of up to 15.

Intro mini-workshop on Flow & deep focus & efffectiveness
3 sessions of 45 min to work on your own tasks
Wrap up and group reflection

What do I need? 

Your laptop
Some tasks to work on

An open mind!

Flow-Working Session

No need to take time off work.


Online (Zoom)

Join the Flow-Working movement,

live a focused life in a noisy world.

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