Deep Work Fundamentals

for business leaders & professionals

Learn and apply the science of Flow-Working in a 2 half-day fundamental bootcamp, while working on your professional tasks

Most participants get 2-3x more done than usual

Do you find that you’re always busy, but that distractions and inefficiency affect your performance at work?

It's never been so hard to focus when there are so many demands of our time - countless meetings and urgent tasks.

Our brain is off task 47% of the time. We get interrupted every 11 minutes.

Feeling unfocused, overwhelmed by too many tasks, or stuck in procrastination, happens to all of us.

What if we have been working the wrong way?

Flow-Working is a proven system for high-focus (effortless) workdays.

It is based on the neuroscience of Flowstates, high-performance and mental wellness.

It has been proven over 200+ trainings in companies like Axel Springer, Zalando, etc.

Flow Working scales in small and large companies.

Whom is this event for?

Business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers

For your whole team, or just yourself

About the program

You will learn and apply the Flow-Working method.

Group size: 5-15 people.

On Zoom.

You do not need to take time off work, as you will be working on your own tasks!

2 half-days

Friday, 30th of April (9am-1pm)

Friday, 7th of May (9am-1pm)

What former participants say

In just 2 hours of Flow Working I was able to finish editing 10 videos which I thought would take me more than 2 days - completely blown away by what I'm capable of when I focus like that!

Jonas Peeck

Intrapreneur Global Community Development at Axel Springer 

I got up on a Friday of a super stressful week without any energy.

At the end of the day not only did I finish more work than I had planned to do, I was also re-energized and ready to start the weekend with a clear mind.

In the 21st century world of work, I believe flow is the number 1 commodity individuals and companies should invest their time and money in. Highly recommended.

Shahar Hechtlinger

Decision making researcher

It feels like I have found the productivity pill and am craving for the next one :D

Dora Petrova

CEO of Femgems

Getting the work of 3 days done in only one day sounded almost too good to me to be true. But the clear structure and settings of the workshop and the motivational power of the group really work.

Great concept and definitely worth a try! Thanks, Antoine!


The best productivity event I've attended. I accomplished several day's worth of work in one day, and I felt relaxed and in a state of complete flow the entire time..... also met some great people!

CEO of Goleafside

Attending the sessions transformed the way I work and increased my productivity to a level I didn't know was possible.

I always felt like I was productive, but the structure and approach that Antoine uses has taught me invaluable and actionable things about how to get myself into focus. The way this works is guaranteed to have a positive impact.

Entrepreneur, author, business & productivity consultant

I feel like I learnt a productivity superpower. 1) I get to work on what's most important 2) and am able to do it in uninterrupted focus sessions where I can bring my best self. Thank you Antoine :)

CEO of Soundbrenner

Get to know the facilitator and participants

It's not a course. It's a program.

We will spend two Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm together.

9h00 - 11h:  workshop, experiential learning, exercises, Q&A
We dive into about the science of high focus, effortless workdays.

11h - 13h: 2 deep work focus sessions of 45min
We will apply the Flow-Working method technique while working on our own tasks. (Bring your tasks along!)

Throughout the training we will practice to relax and energize through stretching, short meditation, and movement.

Participants often participants finish the day with more energy than they started!

Content of Day 1

- Flowstates for high productivity &
- Effectiveness & Wellbeing
- Systematically entering Deep Flow
- Deep concentration pre-training
- The Flow Working method for teams

Content of Day 2

- Mental states of high performance &
deeper awareness
- Quieting the mind / mental deloading
- Deep concentration training (Level 1)
- Dealing with work that we do not like
- Cultivating a culture of Focus &
wellbeing in teams - reflections

Companies where Flow-Working is spreading

The research

People who enter Flow or “being in the zone” while working are reported to:

  • increase creativity by 2-6 times;
  • increase productivity by 2-5 times;
  • Feel more calm and relaxed throughout the workday.

(Source: McKinsey research).

In “Flowstates”, the brain takes in more information per second and processes it more deeply.

Flow is also our optimal state of happiness and probably the most sought-after mental state.

The Returns of Effectiveness Training

Effectiveness training has one of the highest ROI of any skill sets.

People who train their effectiveness skills by

  • +10%: Recover 4 weeks per year,
  • +30%: Recover 12 weeks per year,

for life. Most of us have a potential for doubling or tripling (+100 to +200%) our effectiveness levels.

Can you afford not to train yourself and your team?

Focus is the superpower of the 21st century - Cal Newport

Demolish the bad habits getting in the way of your focus

Bad Habit #1: Choosing urgent over important work

So many talented business leaders think being busy is key to success. It’s not.
We have learned the best work comes as a result of prioritizing the work that is important. Which means not to get caught up in the busy bandwagon and find out what really matters.

Bad Habit #2: Let meetings and inbox control the day

Have you ever experienced incredibly busy work days in which you jump between meetings and your inbox? Only to end the day feeling exhausted and unaccomplished?

This is one of the most common challenges among knowledge workers.
They spend so much time in meetings and being fast in responding to seemingly urgent requests, that they do the meaningful work at night or nothing at all.

Bad Habit #3: Skipping the re-energizing breaks

Many think that breaks are for losers. That's simply not true. Working too long has diminishing returns. That means efficiency suffers without re-energizing.

How Flow-Working works

Community accountability & motivation

With many other professionals joining, your motivation to do your best work will skyrocket.

Get stuff done & regain hours of time

Many people get 2-3x more work done and finish their workday early.
Most tend to feel energized after the sessions.

Resources for the habit of focus

Get right tools, tips, and techniques - and better: apply them right away.

This program is not a listing of productivity hacks or tools, nor some time-management techniques. It is based on consciousness training and other tools, yet it is not reliant on meditation. Curious?

Support and leadership by experienced coach

Our experienced coach has run more than 200+ sessions

No need to take time off work

In the focus part of the sessions you can work on your professional tasks.

Just keep the session free from calls, as the intention is to work without distractions.

More about Flow-Working

Flow-Working is a novel, hands-on method on effectiveness training, based on the neuroscience of high-performance states. 

It operates at two levels:

  • in companies, it develops an employee culture of focus, purpose and mental health.

  • as individuals, it trains us to produce our best work with less effort and in less time.

Flow Working is our attempt to making the world a better place by transforming the way we feel and focus at work.

More Questions?

Is this for me?

This is for individuals and teams of professionals at all levels - leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, freelancers, researchers, creatives, etc.

Share this program with your manager, and bring some co-workers along. Flow-Working used in teams is designed to create a culture of focus.

 You can get your company to pay for it, but even if not, it's an investment in yourself that will pay off .

What's the session's size?

The sessions takes place online (Zoom), in a group of up to 15.

We value creating a friendly, engaging and emotionally supportive group. You will experience a space where our feelings, good or challenging, are all okay. Many previous participants ended up making lasting connections.

Who is the facilitator?

Dr Antoine Larchez, who has led more than 200+ Flow-Working Sessions worldwide.

What's the format?

Flow Working Fundamentls happens on two Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.

In the first 2 hours we carry out a workshop about the fundamentals of Flow-Working, Purpose and Productivity.

In the 2 hours after that we apply the techniques.

At the end we wrap up and do a quick group reflection.

What do I need?

  • Your laptop
  • Some tasks to work on
  • An open mind!
  • Can I bring my team?

    Of course, and if you want to book this experience for your company, get in touch here.

    How much does this cost?

    129€ if you book before April 23rd
    159€ after April 23rd

    You'll probably get this value back several times in meaningful achievements, happy clients, free time, energy, peace of mind...

    I want more. I want to go deeper.

    Then check out our Flow-Working bootcamp here

    Still not sure?

    If it's money, think about the time, mental freedom, skills, friends and results you'll gain. Are you saying you do not deserve this?
    You are too busy? That is why you need even more to join this Focus cohort. To de-busy-fy.
    Any other hold-backs? Simply email us. We love to hear from you.

    Our dates collide with other commitments on your side?

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