Building a Team Culture of Focus & Mental Wellness

4 Super-Workdays to Learn and Experience

the Fine Art & Skill of Flow, Purpose & Effectiveness

while working on your professional tasks & projects

Our brain is off task 47% of the time. We get interrupted every 11 minutes.

Feeling unfocused, overwhelmed by too many tasks, or stuck in procrastination, happens to all of us.

We lose on average 70 % of our work time being off-purpose.

We often end up our workday having too little time or energy for all the other things we'd like to do.

What if we have been working the wrong way?

Flow-Working is a novel, hands-on method, proven over 200+ trainings with hundreds of professionals, and companies like Axel Springer, Startnext, etc.

This program is un-conventional

in that you do not need to take time off work to participate, as you will be doing your work. Here is the format:

1. Morning: interactive, deep workshops
2. Afternoon: You will be working on your tasks & projects while applying the Flow-Working method. Most participants get 2-3x more work done.

During these 4 super-workdays, you will learn and experience

  • How to experience Flowstates at work
  • How to focus deeper, longer
  • How to deepen our sense of purpose
  • How to overcome overwhelm, procrastination
  • How to deal with the work we don't like
  • How to sustain energy all day, everyday ... and more

For whom?

Professionals at all levels.
For you, or your whole team.

Super Skills

Flow, focus, purpose and productivity are not ordinary skills, they are super-skills, or meta-skillsThey allow us to learn other skills more effectively. Their impact on our work and our life is higher than conventional skills.

Invest only 4 days now, to save hundreds over the rest of your life.

Flow-Working Program:
The Fine Art & Skill of Flow, Purpose & Effectiveness

4 workdays over 4 weeks
No need to take time off work.

9h00 to 17h30

Each day comprises:
3.5hrs Workshop
4hrs Flow-Work Sprint

Online (Zoom)

About Flow at work

Imagine being at your computer, and being so deeply immersed in your work, that you forget about everything else. You are producing your best work, while feeling a sense of easiness and fluidity. You are undistractable.

You finish the workday feeling accomplished and still fresh.

This ability is called Flow, and it is a superskill.

What you will gain

After this program, you will have:

  • Gained hours or even days of professional worktime
  • Liberated your mental space and removed stress
  • Trained your mind for exceptional focus and Flow-skills
  • Learned an advanced productivity framework you can use for life
  • Deepened your motivation at work and sense of purpose
  • Built connections with motivated, like-hearted people.
  • Earned a certificate

No need to take time off from your work! Each day counts as a (super) workday.

Why Flow-Working ?

Flow-Working is a method based on neuroscience to train our brains to enter Flow systematically, not just on lucky days.

Compared to working in the ordinary way, participants are 50% to 200% more creative & productive - sometimes more. They end the day feeling satisfied and energized by work, instead of stressed or tired.

The trick? Learning Flow isn't about cramming knowledge into our heads.

You will practice a method to build lasting skills for deeper focus, flow-states and advanced productivity.

Since starting with the program, my workdays have become more productive, efficient, and effortless, generating better results in a fraction of the time. I finish up energized rather than exhausted, inspired instead of drained, and often overflowing with new ideas.
 Miranda Siegel - translator, journalist & author

This program is about becoming un-distractable.
And it’s about you doing your best work, in less time.
While enjoying a magical feeling of effortlessness.

The program pays for itself, even if only in time saved, short term.
Over the long term, Flow-skills will save you days and weeks of work time.

Who is it for?

For individuals and teams of professionals at all levels - leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, executives, freelancers, researchers, creatives, etc.

High achiever or beginner, you will take your skills to your next level.

Share this program with your manager, and bring some co-workers along. Flow-Working used in teams is designed to create a culture of focus.

Although I am seen as quite the productive person in the teams that I work with, attending Antoine’s trainings ups my productivity game every time. Highly recommended to all brain workers, professionals and entrepreneurs! - Inga, Managing Director


The bootcamp takes place online, in a group of 5 to 10. We value creating a friendly, engaging and emotionally supportive group. You will experience a space where our feelings, good or challenging, are all okay. Many previous participants ended up making lasting connections.

Schedule Flow

4 workdays over 4 weeks

9h00-12h30 (3.5hrs): Workshop, experiential learning, exercises, group processes, Q&A
12h30- (1hr): Lunch
13h30-17h30 (4hrs): Flow-Working session to get your work done while practicing the method. Bring your tasks along!

Each day includes energizing movement, meditation, networking and fun


This program is not a listing of productivity hacks or tools, nor some time-management techniques. It is based on consciousness training and other tools, yet it is not reliant on meditation. Curious? 

You've been learning about productivity for a while? great! This course is not about what you already know, nor about your habits - it's about actively rewiring our brain at the deeper levels.


The training is integrated into the workday.

Train the facilitator

Employees can be trained to run Flow Working session in your company and be ambassador of Focus>
Repeated Flow Working sessions builds a sense of team togetherness - even more so in remote work situations.

Transforming the way we work

When we make ourselves better, we make the world a better place

The goal of this program is to create lasting transformations in the way we focus and feel at work. Transformations rarely happen in 1 day. Our brains need repetition and practice to integrate new skills & habits. That's why this program is over 4 days, for long term results.

About the facilitator

Dr. Antoine Larchez is on a personal mission to transform the way we focus at work, and enable more connectedness and consciousness in our world.  He has led more than 200 Productivity days and retreats, and is the founder of Flow-Working

He has worked as a consultant in multinational engineering companies, in research & academia, in startups & venture capital - in Australia, US and Europe. Antoine has been training in consciousness practices from senior masters.

Learn more here

Companies where Flow-Working is spreading

What can I work on?

You can work on anything you like: your daily professional work, writing a book/thesis/blog, finance, building a website, personal work, doing research, processing emails, coding. Start your business, write your novel- start or finish a dream project!

You will probably make more meaningful progress over these 3 days than in weeks.
Many of us get to finally complete task that had been pushed back for weeks, months, sometimes years!

It's okay to do company-confidential work. You will be working in full privacy on your own work.

Can I bring a team?

Yes. Flow-Working is designed to create a team culture of focus.

By transforming the way groups work, it increases the team's morale, fulfillment, and performance.

Doing the training together encourages team members to later reinforce each other’s new skills in the workplace.

The program is an effective team building experience.

You want to attend, but something *really* gets in the way?

Send us an email so we can keep you in the list and possibly create a new date. Remember Flow-Working will boost your way of working for years to come, not get in the way of it.

 "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now! "

 If you have meetings already planned on these bootcamp days, how do they compare to enhancing your long term productivity?  If not now, then when?

This training and its results are designed to benefit both yourself personally, and your company over the short and and long term. Do share this event page with your manager and colleagues.

If something else is holding you back, give me a call or send me an email and we will work it out.

How it will transform you and your team ...

Become un-distractable, at work and everyday life
• Develop the access to your high-performance state
• Learn the fine skill of working with effortlessness
make your workday matter, consistently
• Improve your productivity & wellbeing skills & habits
• Practice the art of staying calm, peaceful and energized
• Deepen your emotional awareness and regulation

based on the neuroscience of Flowstates, the science of happiness and wellbeing.

Even more than BC (before Corona), we are called to practice the art of self-management, emotional regulation and deep concentration to keep ourselves energized, productive and connected to our self and others and to our work.

Bildungsurlaub Eligibility

This training is eligible for Bildungsurlaub. Because it is online, you can simply make a request with your employer to be allowed days off for this program, if you wish to. 

Note that because you will be doing you own work during the day, you may find it simpler to simply do this course during your normal worktime - after talking to your manager / HR.

More about Flow-Working

Flow-Working is a novel, hands-on method, based on the neuroscience of high-performance states - proven over 170 + trainings with hundreds of professionals, and companies like Axel Springer, Startnext, etc. 

At the core of the method is an experience of doing our own work with higher focus and flow, than what we are used to. Flow-Working brings the following results -short term:

  • produce better work and more of it, on what matters
  • catch up on old tasks and free our mind
  • dissolve stress, feel energized and peaceful at the end of the day (not tired)

Long term

  • Rewire your brain for sustained higher-performance & wellbeing - not just for work, but everyday life. Flow is a superpower, and a life-changing skill.
  • Deepen new working habits that are most relevant to you personally

The deeper purpose behind it
This framework is not just about improving our personal creativity & productivity. For companies, it is a vehicle to develop a team culture of focus, wellbeing and togetherness. For each of us, it is really about accessing our deeper states of awareness and consciousness, something I believe the world needs of each of us, more than ever.

Contact us for any questions

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Reserve your spot now

This bootcamp will pay for itself, if only in work-time saved, energy and mental clarity. Four workdays designed to change the way you work, for the rest of your life.

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