​Improve your Focus at work

​Learn to clear your mind effectively

​Sustain your energy and mental health

​How can we feel our best most of the time, not just on some lucky days?
How can we sustain our energy all day and avoid the lows?
How can we feel free and clear in the mind ?

You will walk away with advanced techniques to manage your energy:

  • How to reclaim your mental space
  • How to make your workdays easier, consistently
  • How to minimize daily stress
  • How to properly rest (yes, it's not by watching Netflix!)
  • How to improve your focus
  • How to deepen your self-trust & confidence

Overall, we will look at the factors that play the largest role in our energy, levels of engagement and enjoyment - at work and in everyday life - based on the neuroscience of high-performance and the science of wellbeing.

Would investing 3 hours in this workshop now:

  • make you feel more alive & vibrant ?
  • save you hours of precious time each week
  • potentially for the rest of your life?

​For whom?

Anyone who wants ​take their energy to the next level​.

The session takes place online (Zoom), in a group of up to 15.
​It involves practical exercises, lecture, group processes, Q&A, meditation and movement, networking and fun!

What do I need? 

Your ​computer to run Zoom
​Pen & paper

An open mind!

The Art and Science of
​​Energy, Focus and Mental Space

​ ​​3hrs

Online (​Zoom)

Join the Flow-Working movement,

live a focused life in a noisy world.

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