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about Flow-Working.

​I have spent over four years designing events where humans produce their best results. In that time I've noticed a trend: we can accomplish far more than we think in a short period of time if we practice the art of Flowstates - above average, yet nearly effortless concentration - in which our brain operates at its optimal.

​I help ​teams and ​individuals with:

​​​Entering Flowstates & high performance skills
B​eating procrastination, perfectionism,  distractions
​Dealing with too much to do, too many options
​Strengthening Concentration skills
​Restoring a work-life balance
​Deepening our sense of purpose
​Re-focusing on the import​ant
​Feeling and ​working better ​in the office
​Improving Energy
​Practi​cing emotional management
​Getting and staying organized

We will typically ​have 3-5 sessions together over ​3-10 weeks.
Get in touch ​so we can have ​our first (free) chat and see if we fit.

Dr. Antoine Larchez, the founder of the Flow-Working method has led more than 150 Productivity days and retreats.

Antoine has worked in startups and venture capital firms, as a consultant in multinational engineering companies, as well as in research & academia North America, Australia, and across Europe.

Where ​I coach

by Skype, or face to face in Berlin

Get in touch

​to ask ​​about a training or a talk, a coaching session, or ​to meet up for tea!

Who is it for

​​Knowledge-workers, professionals, entrepreneurs

Freelancers, researchers, writers and creatives

Companies and organizations have already trained their teams in Flow-working


And all across the world



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